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We help businesses take advantage of a more dynamic energy landscape, by providing innovative, integrated solutions, which draw upon our significant expertise in energy insight, efficiency and on site generation.

“The energy market itself is undergoing a significant period of change. Traditional energy sources are becoming limited, but new energy sources and technologies are emerging – offering new opportunities to those that embrace them.”

Miguel Matias | Chief Operating Officer | optimeyes

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The rise of energy and non-commodity costs, as well as more stringent carbon emissions targets, mean that businesses are now looking for ways to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. We help you to take control of energy and power your performance with technology solutions that go further than cutting costs and optimising operations – we help you to revolutionise your business energy.

We utilise Energy Compliance as a way to help our clients find out how they can save money – from sub-metering to the installation of fully integrated energy solutions. By understanding how your business works, we’re able to provide you with information that actually adds value and saves money.

While every business relies on energy, it can be difficult to manage it efficiently without accurate data and insight. Our energy optimisation team can help you understand how you are currently consuming energy in your business and take action to reduce your usage and cut your future costs.

A detailed energy efficiency audit across your entire estate identifies inefficiencies and potential areas for improvement. We work with you to initiate an implementation strategy that includes everything from equipment and installation to scheduling, funding and ongoing maintenance.

“We experience four common issues that businesses frequently come up against when it comes to business energy – cost, complexity, unpredictability and a lack of insight. As the energy market moves into a new customer need-driven future, we are providing solution to help our clients address these issues.”

Shamir Jiwa | CEO | maximeyes group

Solutions for Your Challenge

Want to make the cost of doing business less expensive?

Finding a way to manage energy costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity is at the heart of any business. Talk to us about how we can help you identify areas in your business where efficiencies can deliver savings.

Address your utilities challenges with a free and impartial audit of your business utilities strategy. Find out how you can achieve savings and get more control of your costs.

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