Battery Storage

Low cost battery storage is transforming the power landscape

A huge step towards energy independence, solar batteries let you store up power for when you really need it. Adding battery storage minimises your reliance on the grid, and reduces the money you put in your energy supplier’s pocket.

Business Benefits

Battery storage allows you to increase your utilisation of generated power from 30% to around 85%, which means you can power your building from the battery during the evening and through the night until the sun rises. Reducing the need to import energy from the grid.

Emergency Backup

Provides battery back-up in case of power cuts to your critical circuits – lights, computers / security systems.

Reduce Costs

The latest technology enables you to store power from the grid when cheaper and use your energy when tariffs are higher.

New Money

When the battery is not being used for an alternative application, we can help you generate income from providing frequency balancing and power reserve services to grid operators.

Reduce Pollution

Batteries produce zero emissions and can replace slower, more inefficient and polluting alternatives such as diesel generators.

"The way energy is sourced, generated and supplied to businesses is going through a revolution. With greater demand, rising costs and increased pressure on the grid, businesses need to look to the future for smarter and cleaner energy sources. "


About Battery Storage

We offer a fully integrated solution for battery storage that includes assessing your suitability and opportunities, specifying the right technology/solutions and installation. We have a strong relationships with some of the World’s biggest technology brands to deliver industry leading PureDrive which enables us to deliver solutions and expertise to your business. Batteries can be installed as part of a wider energy strategy with solar PV or as a stand-alone solution that creates an additional income stream by providing a dynamic response service to the grid.

Every commercial quotation from Optimeyes includes

Analysis Of Your Energy

Analysis of your energy usage to provide a realistic demonstration of how much renewable energy can be generated and used on-site.

Investment Grade

Investment Grade Audit calculations to ensure you understand exactly how and when you can expect to break even, the structure of repayments and income and the overall return on investment.

Ask about a free estimation of the benefits to your business and ROI calculation.

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