Optimise your building assets for higher performance

Building Management Systems deliver greater insight and control, ensuring the building operates at maximum levels of efficiency, removing wasted energy usage and associated costs. The optimal level of efficiency is achieved by continuously maintaining the correct balance between operating requirements, external and internal environmental conditions, and energy usage.

Business Benefits

Our experts leverage advanced technologies and building analytics to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of building performance and sustainability services.

Accurate Reporting

By having constant access to statistics, building owners and managers can easily understand current and historic consumption

Comfort Control

Reduce the risk of overheating or overcooling while still keeping overall energy costs under control

Optimise Efficiency

A fully optimised BMS system will help to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your operating costs.

Safety First

A BMS allows you to actively monitor the status of and effectiveness of key building safety features

About Building Management Systems

In order to increase operational and energy efficiency, you are looking for new ways to make managing your facility easier. We can successfully integrate, install, optimise and maintain building management systems and provide life cycle support for facilities like yours, making it easier to increase comfort, safety and security for your occupants.

We offer a scalable range of building management and intelligent building solutions and services — from individual subsystems to fully integrated intelligent buildings — that reduce risk while delivering optimum operating and energy efficiency.

Reduce Energy Costs While Managing Your Assets

Building managers and owners are looking to smart buildings to improve how they use, manage, and monitor their assets, while also reducing their energy costs and carbon footprints. Discover how to achieve significant energy savings and deliver long-term sustainability while more effectively managing asset health and performance.

"We’re helping more and more businesses take advantage of the rapidly changing energy landscape. By leveraging our core capabilities in energy insight, optimisation and on-site generation are providing innovative solutions that make a significant positive difference to our customers business. "


Every commercial quotation from Optimeyes includes

Analysis Of Your Energy

Analysis of your energy usage to provide a realistic demonstration of how much renewable energy can be generated and used on-site.

Investment Grade

Investment Grade Audit calculations to ensure you understand exactly how and when you can expect to break even, the structure of repayments and income and the overall return on investment.

Ask about a free estimation of the benefits to your business and ROI calculation.

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