Energy Solutions Funding

Innovative energy solutions without the capital expenditure.

One of the key challenges for businesses is to decide whether to commit funding towards energy efficiency solutions, without the security of obtaining returns in the time frames proposed. We can help you deliver energy efficient solutions today, without the risk of upfront capital expenditure to deliver immediate, guaranteed business benefits.

Funding Your Energy Efficiency Solution

We have developed an innovative, fully funded solution whereby we can propose an alternative to outright purchase. Under this arrangement, we fund, design, maintain and operate an Integrated Energy system, whilst committing to supply a guaranteed volume of energy (electricity and heat) to your business at a reduced price. Our clients can achieve reduced costs of up to 20% whilst reaping 100% of the eco-benefits and with zero capital outlay.

Gain Insight

We start the process by undertaking a free analysis of your current energy usage patterns, to identify the best solution to reduce your consumption and costs. This is followed up with an investment grade audit which accurately forecasts savings and enables us to raise funding for the project.

Integrated Solutions

We have access to a wide range of solutions including solar, CHP, biomass, battery storage and Building Management Systems. We combine the right set of products to meet your business needs, then we optimise them to ensure you achieve the maximum possible benefit.

Guaranteed Savings

In a volatile and bullish energy market we are able to provide you with not only reduced energy costs, but also long-term budget certainty and stability. Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) we are able to guarantee your energy price throughout the duration of your agreement, giving you one less thing to worry about.

“If you are looking to achieve reduced costs, lower consumption and budget certainty without capital expenditure, then our eco funding solutions will cover the cost of upfront investment, so you reap the immediate benefits.”


Why choose us

We understand each business has different needs and challenges. When we work with a client, we tailor the solution to deliver you the best performance for your business. Because of the unique way we fund our Integrated Energy Solutions, we can guarantee your business savings from day one, without the burden of finance or upfront capital expenditure.

By utilising more efficient technology such as LED lighting and Building Management Systems, we can significantly reduce the amount of energy you consume.

Our solution will reduce your costs by reducing the amount of energy you use, and will also provide electricity at a lower price than you can purchase through the grid.

Through programmes such as Demand Side Response, it is possible to create new income generation opportunities for your business

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