EV Charging

With electric vehicles becoming more and more commonplace, providing charging solutions in your parking space can help you attract new customers, retain existing staff or generate new revenue streams.

As an increasing percentage of the country switch to hybrid and electrical vehicles, charging stations are becoming a key consideration for developers. They are already a planning requirement in London, with the Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan stating that all new developments with five parking spaces or more must equip 20% of those spaces with electric car charging points. Other areas of the UK could soon follow suit, and as more and more drivers adopt the technology, the demand for a better charging infrastructure will be greater. And it’s not just for new builds, either. You might be refurbishing a hotel, care home or a fast food establishment, and want to make the building as attractive as possible to end users.

Business Benefits

We understand your need to keep costs lean and can demonstrate how the right system will function as a long-term investment. There are several ways you can recover the costs of the installation – for example by charging customers more to buy a parking space with a charger unit, or by using the units to feature advertising. We can show you the revenue that can be generated by retaining ownership of the unit, as well as indirect revenue streams – such as giving free charging to customers reaching a certain spending threshold

Future Proof

For those looking to establish a competitive advantage and to be equipped to cope with the significant expansion of the EV market in the near future.

Responsible Business

As EV ownership soars, businesses have an increasing responsibility to provide EV charging points for use by clients, guests and employees.

Destination Charging

EV owners are always looking for more convenient locations to charge their cars - while charging, these visitors could potentially even be converted into customers.

Safety First

Although your business is providing employees and guests with convenience and power, this doesn’t have to come at a cost and can even provide opportunities for revenue generation

“The way energy is sourced, generated and supplied to businesses is going through a revolution. With greater demand, rising costs and increased pressure on the grid, businesses need to look to the future for smarter and cleaner energy sources."


About EV Charging Systems

When combined with a solar canopy, EV charging points provide an environmentally friendly way to add value to your staff, customers or visitors and visibly enhance your companies green credentials. Installing workplace electric vehicle chargepoints can also help you comply with energy regulations and increase your sustainability rating. The OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a government grant that reduces the cost of purchasing & installing an electric vehicle chargepoint by £300 a socket (up to a maximum of 20 sockets).

Every commercial quotation from Optimeyes includes

Analysis Of Your Energy

Analysis of your energy usage to provide a realistic demonstration of how much renewable energy can be generated and used on-site.

Investment Grade

Investment Grade Audit calculations to ensure you understand exactly how and when you can expect to break even, the structure of repayments and income and the overall return on investment.

Ask about a free estimation of the benefits to your business and ROI calculation.

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