Our Approach

We use our expertise to deliver business advantage

There is a revolution taking place in business energy, which we are proud to be part of. Where once, customers’ energy requirements were regarded as a load on the system, today, we are helping customers to not only reduce the energy they are taking from the grid, but also providing services to help balance energy demand.

How We Work

Energy Efficiency in five simple steps

Where do you start? The challenge of implementing energy efficiency improvements throughout your organisation can seem like a daunting task – so we’ve it easy with a simple, five step process:


Energy Insights determine energy and carbon saving measures for your business. Our energy experts work with you to determine project success criteria and key outputs.


Utilise our energy expert-led design expertise to create a combination of solutions to build an overall efficiency strategy and co-ordinate stakeholders behind the project.

Investment Grade Audit (IGA)

Establish a baseline of energy consumption and identify potential savings, define energy efficiency measures, cost savings and investment required for implementation and payback.


Structured programme to put in place solutions with minimum disruption of day to day operations. Secure project works at competitive prices and deliver best value using our buying power.

Performance Management

Maintain optimum energy performance through our comprehensive Performance Management Service. Measure savings and business benefits.

Ask about a free estimation of the benefits to your business and ROI calculation.

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