Voltage Optimisation

Optimise your energy supply to reduce waste and reduce costs

Voltage optimisation is an energy saving technology that is used to regulate, clean and condition the incoming power supply in order to reduce the voltage supplied to the optimum level for the on-site electrical equipment and appliances.

Business Benefits

In addition to reducing energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions and providing savings on electricity bills, voltage optimisation can also improve power quality.

Cost Savings

Voltage optimisation can reduce business energy consumption by as much as 12%

Always On

Voltage optimistion solutions operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and require very little maintenance.

Increase Lifespan

Because machinery and equipment run at their optimum levels wear and tear is reduced so they last longer.

Easy Installation

Installation is easy with no changes required at the meter

“We’re helping more and more businesses take advantage of the rapidly changing energy landscape. By leveraging our core capabilities in energy insight, optimisation and on-site generation are providing innovative solutions that make a significant positive difference to our customers business.”


About Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisation technologies are typically installed in series between the distribution transformer and the main low voltage distribution board, allowing all of the consumer’s electrical equipment to benefit from an optimised power supply. We will help you to identify which commercial voltage optimisation equipment is right for your business. This usually involves understanding a bit more about the electricity supply to your business and having an understanding of what your main electrical loads are, as these will determine the potential savings.

Every commercial quotation from Optimeyes includes

Analysis Of Your Energy

Analysis of your energy usage to provide a realistic demonstration of how much renewable energy can be generated and used on-site

Investment Grade

Investment Grade Audit calculations to ensure you understand exactly how and when you can expect to break even, the structure of repayments and income and the overall return on investment.

Ask about a free estimation of the benefits to your business and ROI calculation.

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